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It is possible to walk with God, to experience Jesus in the everyday.

Throughout the centuries, Christians have developed certain practices that help us to live life with God, not just for God. These ancient practices are called "spiritual disciplines" - disciplines because they require us to make choices. We choose them, not to earn favor with God (He already loves us more than we can comprehend), but to make time and space to draw near to Him.

Join us as we look at each of these ancient practices, and take time each week to practice them ourselves. Listen to the sermons, and beginning with week 2, use the take home sheet as a guide in your own journey to drink deep of the love of God for you.


What our people are saying

  • Ttrey1.jpg
    "The Holy Spirit has increasingly prompted
    me to commit myself to the life of this church.
    I know Jesus better, and want to serve Him
    more, because I see Him so often in the people
    within our New Heights community."
  • Janie1.jpg
    "This practice has made a huge difference in
    my life. It has become a treasure, a secret garden,
    and a refuge. It has grown in me and given me a
    nearness to God that I have not experienced before."
  • Bailey-2-1.jpg
    "Fasting has become a form of worship
    for me, and I would say that I am more
    aware of God's constant nearness
    when I fast."
  • Audrey.jpg
    "I thought that I would want to fill up the silence
    with my words talking to God, but sitting in
    silence waiting for Him to speak to me is refreshing
    and I didn’t even know I was missing out on it."

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