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Elder Nominations

July 15

New Heights Church is considering adding one or more elders to our elder team. We are requesting nominations from members of the church. If you have completed Discovery and are a member of New Heights, please take time in prayer asking the Lord for guidance on who you should submit. The Bible gives us qualifications that an elder must meet in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

Biblical Qualifications of an Elder

  • a mature male believer
  • upright, holy, and disciplined
  • loves what is good
  • holds firmly to the Word of God
  • is above reproach 
  • faithful to his wife
  • temperate 
  • self-controlled
  • respectable
  • hospitable
  • able to teach sound doctrine
  • a good manager of his household
  • has a good reputation with outsiders
  • not arrogant 
  • not greedy 
  • not given to drunkenness 
  • not violent but gentle
  • not quarrelsome or quick-tempered

At New Heights, the elders make directional decisions, guard the church’s mission, cast vision, and ensure the health of the congregation. The elders make decisions by consensus (unanimity). Key staff members serve in an advisory capacity on the elder team and the counsel of other ministry leaders is obtained as it pertains to their ministry area. The elders entrust the day-to-day operations and ministry to the New Heights staff.

To nominate one or two people for consideration as elders, please fill out the form below. The elders will prayerfully review and consider the candidates before making a final decision. The deadline for submissions is August 5.

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