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At New Heights, we are passionate about connecting all people with God’s heart for the world. We want to be a church that helps bring the good news of Jesus to all nations.

The missions arm of New Heights Church is called Global Outfitters, which supports over 60 global workers in over 17 countries.


We support our global workers in a variety of ways, including financially, through the generous giving of our members, and with prayer as individuals and as part of special groups.

We also partner with global workers by providing them with a place to live when they come here on home assignment, with opportunities to share their ministry with people here, assistance with medical and dental needs, camps for their children, retreats for both husband and wife, and by helping to meet many other needs as they arise.

Each global worker is connected with a global coach who is a member of New Heights and is a liason between the worker and the church.


Get Involved

How can you become involved and support our global workers? Here are a few ideas:

  •  Contact us to pray for our global workers
  •  Support global workers directly with your prayers, offerings, financial support, letters and e-mails.
  •  As a family or small group, adopt a global worker to pray for and support.
  •  Invite our visiting global workers to your home for a meal or take them out to lunch. Get to know them as your friends.
  •  Offer to pick up or take families to the airport when they arrive and leave.
  •  Become more informed through Perspectives.

For more information on how to get involved, visit Global Outfitters

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