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What's Happening at New Heights

August 09

Want to learn more about New Heights? Discovery is a 9-week small group introducing you to the mission, meaning and path to membership of New Heights. Our fall

September 06

New Heights volunteers partnering with Canopy NWA implementing Art Feeds Curriculum among NWA refugee children and families using therapeutic art and creative

September 20

Join us in a 4-week study of Philippians, often called the “Epistle of Joy.”  We will learn from the Apostle Paul how we can experience more joy in our lives,

September 22

Fayetteville Prayer Room is partnering with Joppa House of Prayer to host OneChurchNWA-Fayetteville: A night of prayer for our city and region. Join us on

September 23

The Fayetteville Prayer Room is partnering with Christian Life Cathedral to host the City On Its Knees prayer gathering. Join us at FPR on Sunday, Sept 23rd

September 23

We are hosting a Bake Sale to benefit the Skinner family on Sunday, Sept 23th in the foyer at church.  The Skinner’s are long time members of New Heights and

September 23

Do you ever notice how chapters and verses can actually get in the way of reading the Bible? Sure, they come in handy to find that passage the preacher is

September 26

Pastor and author, Phillip Hunter, from Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas, will be teaching this class on how to claim the promises from God’s Word in a way that

September 26

Nationwide, the 40 Days for Life Prayer vigil runs from September 26-November 4.  Locally, you can peacefully pray for the unborn and their families by signing

September 29

Children’s Ministry would like to invite all of the Moms and Sons on the Mother-Son Hike on September 29 from 9:30am-12:30pm.  We’ll be doing a 4 mile loop for

October 01

Come join us for a 5-week marriage class led by Dr. James & Nicola Hawkins. You will be inspired and equipped to grow in your connection with God and with your

October 02

Too often we hold a view of ourselves that doesn't align with what God has spoken. This class will expose the lies our culture has told us, and will help us

October 03

October 3rd, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
Jesus says to make disciples of all nations. What if I can't move overseas or feel called to stay? Where would I even begin? Join

October 16

Jesus taught us that God is our Heavenly Father.  This class will give us powerful truth about the heart of God and will equip us to confidently pursue our

October 21

Join Chad & Angela Imhoff for a discussion on finding attunement with your children's emotions and working with them to identify and manage their emotions in a

October 25

Loving Choices Annual Banquet is Thursday, October 25, 6:30-9pm

If you would like to support this strategic ministry by helping to sponsoring a table, please

October 26

The Lord calls each of us to be salt, light, and witnesses to the world.  This training will give us practical tools for sharing our faith with everyone around

October 29

This is a class for women wanting to grow as a teacher, Bible study leader, etc. New Heights Community Pastor, Bruce Tippit, will walk us through developing

November 13

In the Great Commission, Jesus told us to go and make disciples.  Join us in learning how Jesus made disciples, and how we can help others experience lasting

November 26

Join fellow moms at Kindness and Joy Toys on Mondays this fall from 10:45-11:45 to enjoy coffee and fellowship.  Mama Carmen’s is graciously giving us 20% off

November 28

Join us this fall on Tuesdays at 7:30pm the NHC offices, Wednesdays at noon at the GO Center, or Thursday mornings at 9:00am at Grace Church (childcare provided

November 28

Women of New Heights are invited to drop in the Fayetteville Prayer Room between 4:30-6pm each Wednesday to pray and fellowship together. Contact Janie at janie


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