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June 26

The Lord calls each of us to be salt, light, and witnesses to the world.  This training will give us practical tools for sharing our faith with everyone around

April 01

Have you ever wondered: Is my work truly spiritual? Does my work have any dignity or eternal impact? Does Kingdom mission exist in the marketplace? This two

March 02

As American Christians today we live in a global society.  As followers of Jesus, it is important to know what others believe in order to best share Christ with

April 23

A central affirmation of the Christian faith is that Jesus is both God and man.  But is this belief coherent?  In this class, we will explore common objections

April 02

This introductory class presents a rational case for the Bible's authenticity, reliability, and divine authority.  Special attention will be given to how the

March 13

In John 17, Jesus prays that his Church would be one as he and the Father are one. Unfortunately, in America, Jesus’ Church is still deeply divided around race

March 11

This one night class will look at what science and the Bible have to say about the origins of the universe. Dr. Heather Walker will briefly cover the Big Bang


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