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Engaged Couples Class

February 15

Join marriage and family therapist, Dr. Chad Imhoff, and his wife Angela, as they walk engaged couples through conversations that will help  engaged couples explore how to build security in their relationship. The course covers topics like family of origin, conflict resolution, responding to each other in distress, sex and the physical relationship within marriage, decision making, learning to say I'm sorry so it counts, and much, much more. Chad and Angela will teach  the concept, model how it works, and then give couples practical exercises to engage  with what they've learned.
Couples can be assigned to a mentor couple who will journey with them through the course. Please let us know if you want to be paired with a mentor couple.

The class starts Tuesday, Feb 15th and will meet every Tuesday with a potluck dinner at 5::30pm and class from 6:30-9 pm at the New Heights Office! This class lasts for 8 weeks (does not meet during Spring Break) with different topics each week. Cost: $100/couple
Space is limited so register soon as possible.
Questions, contact angela [at]

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