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March 25

We know this is a time of anxiety, uncertainty and isolation.  It is normal to feel an increase in distressing symptoms due to the COVID-19 crisis. We wanted you to know that during the COVID-19 crisis, The Joshua Center is offering telehealth options for counseling. If you’re experiencing distress and feel like you could benefit from talking with someone during the COVID-19 crisis, The Joshua Center (TJC) is available and can meet with you during this crisis period via online or even by phone.

In particular, if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, during this time, you may be eligible for 30 minute telehealth conversations up to twice a week with TJC counselors who are Blue Cross Blue Shield providers AT NO FEE TO YOU OR THE CHURCH (all deductibles/copays are waived after intake paperwork is set up).

Please check with your insurance provider to confirm your eligibility.

For people who don’t have insurance, TJC has counselors who work on a sliding scales based on income and can meet via telehealth. Many other counselors in the community offer telehealth for other insurance providers which may offer similar benefits and would love for you to reach out.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment:
email info [at]
call 479-268-4557 or contact your counselor.

Again, it is free for most people with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

You don’t have to walk through this season alone!

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