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Immerse Bible Study

February 11

So, you’re tired of listening to everyone else tell you what’s in God’s Word and you decide to read the Bible for yourself. But where to start? You might have tried one of those read the Bible in a year programs only to miss a few days, then a few weeks, then totally throw in the towel and decide it’s not worth the effort. Wading into that big book can seem awfully intimidating.

The Immerse Bible Reading Experience stands as an alternative to traditional Bible reading programs. Immerse encourages you to read the Bible like you would any other book, removing potential distractions like verse and chapter numbers, cross references, and commentary notes. An Immerse group functions like a book club, reading through a portion of the Bible and meeting weekly to discuss observations you made and questions you might have. The daily readings are available as podcasts as well as in print to better meet your busy schedule.

I encourage you to “immerse” yourself in God’s Word with others of like mind to discover what the Bible says and how it applies to your life. Messiah, the first volume in the Immerse series, covers the New Testament, God’s Word made flesh among us. Please join us as we dig into this fresh approach to Scripture and Biblical discovery. 

Join “The Immerse Bible Reading Experience”, 6:00 pm Sundays, February 11-April 15, at the GO Center led by Matt and Dawn Manos. For more information contact matt.manos [at]

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