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Abigail Nowell

I left college super abruptly last March because of the pandemic and went home to live with my parents in Little Rock. I worked as a waitress there until about September when I moved back to Springdale. It was a big transition in a lot of ways. I went from living in a sorority house of 90 girls, to living with my parents, then finally moving to Springdale by myself and working an 8-5 job. Everything in my life abruptly changed and I was really afraid of being exposed to Covid so I really didn’t see many people. It was hard to go to church on Sundays also because I didn’t know anybody other than my brother. All of my college friends had moved away and I was essentially starting over.

Around Christmas time I decided that I really needed to find community somewhere. Honestly, I was scared to put myself out there. I saw Deeper advertised and decided to sign up for it. I didn’t really know what it was but I knew that I needed community. The first meeting was kind of funny because we all realized that we hadn’t really been social in about a year. I think we were all feeling the same way. For me, it was going from seeing nobody, to all the sudden seeing 20 people every week.

With each lesson in Deeper it’s been cool to see different aspects of experiencing the Lord through community. I've realized that you can do all of these things on your own and witness the Holy Spirit working in your life or the spiritual disciplines, but when you're all together with other people who are also experiencing it at the same time, it’s just so much richer. It's really sweet to see how the lord only moves in your life but also completely differently in someone else's. We've been able to recognize false narratives we’ve been believing and encourage each other to believe the true narrative that we are bought at a price and children of the King. That has been really sweet.

– Abigail Nowell


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