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Abigail & Sasha Goncharenko

“Sasha is from Ukraine and I am from Fayetteville. We met when I joined a team in Ukraine teaching people how to study the Bible. We got married a month ago. Originally we were going to get married on April 22nd, but because of the tensions rising with Russia and Ukraine, we felt that we needed to move our wedding date. As things began to get worse and worse, we realized that my family couldn’t come to the wedding. We moved our wedding to February 7th and then a week later we left Ukraine for our honeymoon. 

While we were on our honeymoon Russia began attacking Ukraine. So after our honeymoon we couldn’t go back. If we had gone back Sasha would have been kept in the country, but we also can’t go to America because he needs a visa. So our plan right now is to get him a humanitarian visa to America so he can meet my family. Our plans are constantly changing because of everything happening. Originally we were going to go back to Ukraine and continue our ministries there. Sasha worked with youth and orphans, and taught the Bible. I worked with a ministry that taught the Bible in many different churches. But now we're waiting for the Lord to lead us. 

Sasha’s family just crossed the border from Ukraine into Poland. Pray for them, for rest, peace, and provision while in Poland. Pray for Sasha to get a humanitarian visa to the States approved quickly. Pray also that the Lord would continue to guide us as our plans constantly change.”


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