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Ariel Romero

Ariel created the NH Sermon art this past Easter Sunday. Find more of his art on instagram @ajrom33. We interviewed him about his work and process:⁠

“My creative process starts with a rough idea and a lot of sketching. I rarely know what the final product will look like. It’s a lot of trial and error and seeing where the design or composition takes me. I spend a lot of time sketching, erasing, re-sketching and feeling out what works. It’s kind of a dance in that way. ⁠

As I begin a project, I pray about it. A lot of times as I’m working, I want to listen to the voice of God. This might mean that as I’m sketching, I’ll feel a stirring to either do something or not do something artistically. More often than not, it’s to not focus on a certain project. I might have a random idea as I create and think, ‘That’d be really cool’. But then I feel a stirring to not focus on that or spend my time on it at the moment and that I’m supposed to spend my time on another project. ⁠

In my view, art making is just one form of creation. I think of God as a creator. That's one the first things that we learn about him in Genesis: “In the beginning he created the heavens and the earth”. We see him as a creative God who is always making things new. For me to create, I’d like to think that I’m reflecting the nature of God in that way.”⁠


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