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Behind the Video: Philippians

When we started brainstorming for the Philippians intro video, we wanted something that captured both the main theme of the book and the central poem in chapter two. 

In the ancient world, divine beings are often synonymous with stars, so we portrayed Jesus as a star that leaves heaven, crashes into earth, and becomes dust, symbolizing both His becoming human (as Adam was made from the dirt) and also His death and burial in the ground. 

In that sacrifice though, Jesus not only conquered death, but He made a way for us to do the same by following in His steps. So we pictured a plant growing up to release the star back into it's exalted place in the night sky. The plant also shoots out roots in every direction to spring up new plants which bud into new stars. This reminds us of Jesus' metaphor of the vine and the branches, of bearing fruit, and of our invitation to shine like stars by living holy lives. It reminds us that His Kingdom will spread over all the earth. It also hints at our position of ruling and reigning with Jesus in the New Kingdom.

For the voiceover, we took the central poem in Philippians 2 and rewrote it in several different ways, finally landing on the one below. Our own Nellie Beall provided the voice and I composed the score and created the animation.

The poem:

The Highest One
descended low

Became as dust
Buried below

Exalted now
He calls, "Follow"

The Video:

Josh Graber


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