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Chelsea Coker and Church on the Street

“A few weeks ago, I visited the street church on Briarwood and watched how the model was so replicable thinking, ‘My friends and I could totally do this’. I was excited when we heard that we were going back to church in person, but a part of me was disappointed that our timeline to host church on our street had come to a close. When in-person church was canceled, it seemed like a sweet way for God to extend the "timeline" to try it on our street.

We began meeting on our street over the next few weeks. Through this, old friendships have been rediscovered and new friendships have been formed from our neighbors walking by on Sunday morning, curiously asking why we are all sitting together on our front lawn. It has given me a dream to invite my neighbors over for ice cream and have dinners in our front yard.

I have also seen the power of consistently sharing and listening to testimonies of God's faithfulness. Meeting on a smaller scale has allowed everyone to be active participants. We each come with different lenses, which beautifully displays different perspectives on the same Jesus.

There hasn't been a time our spirits have left empty. I've learned that it is really simple to ask people to come over on a Sunday morning- especially when I don't even have to clean my house! It has been good for me to learn that not all next steps need a giant revelation. Sometimes, I forget how much I just love talking about Jesus. Talking about stories from his life has reminded me that he is not anything like the world thinks he is. He is so much better.”

-Chelsea Coker


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