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Cobblestone Farm Community Groundbreaking

After 3 years of collaboration and hard work by 4 non-profit organizations (Excellerate Foundation, New Heights Church, Potter’s House and Cobblestone), Strategic Realty, 7 local lending institutions, and the Federal, county, and city government, the Cobblestone Farm project officially broke ground this past Monday. Co-directional leader Jim Hall on the project:

“God has given New Heights the motto 'Love God passionately, Love people tangibly.' He has allowed us to model this to the community and the world that God is good and he is good to his people. 

"Through this project, we are giving people shelter and food. We have 45 acres of land that were basically donated to us. Now we are just further leveraging those assets to bring glory to God and to help people in a tangible way. With this new project, we are able to not only provide food, but shelter as well. Northwest Arkansas is in the middle of a shelter crisis, and it squeezes out the people at the bottom that most need it and cannot find it. This is going to provide top shelf, quality homes and neighborhoods for some of these people who need it the most.

"We are also creating employment and community opportunities. With the building of a new Potter’s House processing center, which will employ 45+ people, as well as the 5-10 opportunities on the farm itself, meaningful jobs are being created. Potter’s House is also leveraging their experience to create opportunities for healthy and thriving community within the development.

"This is plain hard work. For 3 years, we’ve been leveraging our time, resources and influence in the community to get this done. By the grace of God, it’s happening.”

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Groundbreaking Full-length Ceremony


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