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Conversations on the Patio

We had a Q & A with Director of Women's Ministry, Sarah Harriman about what she desires for this ministry and what women can expect this next year.

Q: As the new Director of Women's Ministry, what are spaces in your life where you have experienced community with women?

A: Honestly, I think community can be experienced anywhere - for me personally, some of my favorite moments of community have happened on my patio.  The table, the lights and food...always food...have led to great conversation and moments of connection.  I can't tell you how much laughing, crying, dreaming, counseling and ministry have
happened there.

Q: So is your patio going to be incorporated into your ministry?

A: I certainly hope so! I think, too, that the patio represents more to me than just that specific space.  It is special because it represents
hospitality, getting into each other's homes and welcoming others into our lives. I really hope that spirit becomes a part of our ministry.  Also, the patio is my inspiration for the first book we're going to read in our Women's ministry book club (dates coming soon, ladies), The Turquoise Table.  The book is about how we can find connection and community as "front yard people".  I hope it generates lots of ideas and discussion.

Read more of our conversaion with Sarah on the New Heights Instagram

Sarah Harriman


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