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Different. A word often used to describe someone with disabilities. They speak differently, look differently, and even act differently.

In the 10th grade guys cell group, though, different is not scary, in fact it’s celebrated.

Each Sunday and Wednesday, these guys join together and celebrate what God is doing. They celebrate the successes of school, sports, and the victories they have in Jesus. They lean into what God is teaching them and fight for their brothers to seek identity in Christ. No cell group member is left behind, including Randy.

Randy starts any dance party, can spot a donut from a mile away, and is always quick to laugh. He also has autism.

As many leaders have come along and encouraged these 10th grade guys to fully love all people of God’s Kingdom, conversations about disabilities have often come up. A leader once commented, “I find it really cool that you all treat Randy the same.”  

Their answer was courageous and life giving, with a simple statement of, “How else would we treat him, he is our friend.”  

These 10th grade guys see Randy for who he really is, the son of a Father who is proud to claim him. Randy is celebrated and God is using him in a powerful way to teach us all about His overflowing love. 


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