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"It was already Holy"

– Dennis Petersen, Prayer Room Director

The hand of God has been on the Fayetteville Prayer Room since it began humbly in a converted storage closet. 

Dennis Petersen says that the Prayer Room's original location was an extra storage space used by Mama Carmens. He co-founded the prayer room in 2011 with a college student who stepped forward with the idea of a "prayer room for the community."

The prayer room has become a spiritual oasis for so many. Dennis says that people from over 150 churches have entered into the doors of the Fayetteville Prayer Room. He can tell countless stories about events that have taken place in this one building–stories of miracles, angels, and life change. From its origin until today, the prayer room has been a unifying gift of God, a place where He has worked tangibly through our prayers.


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