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Global Shoppe – Sylvia in Guatemala

Meet Sylvia!

Silvia's mother worked hard to send her to seamstress school, but when her family was robbed, they were unable to pay for her to finish the course. Sylvia found work at a clothing factory in Guatemala where she worked 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the factory, she barely earned enough to live on. Now she earns a fair wage working reasonable hours at Purse & Clutch. Purse & Clutch products made by Sylvia and other artisans are sold at the Global Shoppe at Mama Carmen's and other small boutiques across the U.S.  She loves to take on the more complicated sewing tasks and is always up for a challenge. She boasts of being able to support her family and can now buy all of her son’s school supplies! 



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