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God Likes You

God loves you. This is something many of us have heard our whole lives. He loves us deeply and so much that He sent His own son to die for us.

"He actually likes you, specifically."

What would it do to our relationship with Him, however, if we realized that He actually likes us? He not only loves all of his creation from heaven to earth, but He actually likes you specifically. 

He knows all your ins and outs and He likes what He has made. He likes the way you laugh and all of your quirks - He made them. He likes the particular way you pray and interact with Him. He enjoys your personality and likes watching you do things you enjoy - He made you to enjoy them. 

He is a sovereign and holy God but He is also, just as much, a truly joyful King who enjoys you. 
Let us receive the delight and enjoyment of the Lord.

Susanna Storie


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