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Going to Memphis

I was pretty nervous going into the College Ministry Memphis trip because I just transferred to the University of Arkansas and didn’t know a single person on the trip. So it was definitely a step out in faith for me. It’s different than going to a college event and not knowing anyone, because it’s signing up for a whole weekend of not knowing anyone. I went in hoping to meet friends and experience all that God was doing in Memphis. I was going into it blindly, not knowing what to expect. 

Moving to Fayetteville in the first place was a step out in faith for me.  I was in Little Rock teaching and had friends, but I felt like he was calling me to Fayetteville.  I prayed, “Lord, I don’t want to be comfortable in my faith.” So, I transferred and moved. It was cool how he met me in the fear of not knowing anyone and struggling with loneliness in college.  He calmed my heart and put Linda in my path. It was really so sweet because the people that I met on that trip became such good friends. He really met me by just answering my prayers for friendship. 

Another highlight of the trip was having lunch with pastor Ricky Floyd after the church service on Sunday. We got to ask him questions and discuss what racial reconciliation looks like, not only in Memphis, but also in America. One of the things he said that stuck out to me was, “Memphis doesn’t need another church, it doesn’t need another pastor, it needs the Holy Spirit. We need the hearts to change.” I loved that because we can’t do it. We have to depend on the Holy Spirit to change us and change our cities. 

Jo Archer


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