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Grace Chiboroski: "God Equips Us"

“God showed me that He is the one who equips us."
– Grace Chiboroski

This summer my roommates and a small group of friends decided to meet with girls in the juvenile detention center system in Fayetteville. We all have felt called to love those that are on the margins of society, and wanted to pursue these girls specifically. I learned so much about identity during STS this summer, and that helped me to empathize with the girls even though our lives haven’t looked the same. There were moments where I would be walking into the center and be anxious about what I needed to say, or how I needed to help them through the pain and struggles they had experienced. 

What I realized is rather than fixing, I needed to listen and be present with them - that was enough.  When you’re sitting face to face with someone that is going through something you’ve never experienced, it begins to change your perspective. I found myself relying constantly on the Holy Spirit to speak through me as they told me their stories. God showed me that He is the one who equips us for what is ahead. I saw over and over through my time there that I can believe  he will speak through me when I walk forward with Him.


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