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Hannah Olson - Belong

"Belong is a ministry that supports the current foster families we have at New Heights and advocates for more people to get involved in the foster system. We want our New Heights foster families more connected to each other and to our volunteers.

I’m a social worker and I’ve worked in child welfare for about 5 years and I think, a lot of times, if you don’t intentionally put yourself in parts of the community that are struggling, or where there are families that need support, then you just don’t see it. New Heights already does a lot of intentional work to be involved in all parts of the community and this is just another facet of that.

This summer we have two get-togethers planned for Belong - these events are for foster families and any volunteers who want to bless and support these foster families. We want everyone to meet each other and have the opportunity to support one another."


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