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How God is using Hannah Bural

Hannah almost didn’t go. She was terrified. 
Her friends didn’t understand why she was going all the way to Southeast Asia.

"Why do you want to go overseas when it is so great here?"
“How are you going to communicate when you can’t speak their language?”
“Aren’t you worried about safety?” 

But to Hannah Bural, a New Heights member and freshman student at the University of Arkansas, these questions didn’t frighten her much. She had a fear of a different kind: 

"I hate asking people for money" she said.

In spite of her fear, Hannah pursued God’s call. As she met with people to ask for their financial support, she started gaining enthusiasm about the work God was doing in her life and in Southeast Asia.  Hannah became captivated with the idea of others joining with that work, coming alongside her in her adventure. Now she is going to Southeast Asia this summer to share Jesus with people who have never heard his name.

Oh yeah... and God provided the funds she needed in two months.


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