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I'm going to choose Joy

"Almost six months to the day after my mom passed away, my Dad also passed away after a sudden heart attack."

"I grew up in a Christian family in a church my parents started. I was the youngest of three girls. It was pretty normal until I was in third grade, when we found out my Mom was diagnosed with cancer.  She was in and out of chemo treatments for over seven years. During this time, my parents taught us what they were learning about Jesus and having hope in Him. Through my mom's passing away, my Dad showed us an incredible hope in Jesus and a hope of heaven. 

Getting that 6 months with my Dad was amazing. When he passed away, my older sisters were allowed to take me in as a 16 year old.  This was totally God's provision. They continued to show me the same hope that my parents had. 

These days, I wake up every day and I choose Joy and choose to trust Him in what He says. I've been able to go to the Bible. I have hope in the fact that this world isn't forever and there is a heaven and there is something so much greater and better for us."

Maddie Cardell


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