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Imagine Palm Sunday

Can you imagine yourself there on that first Palm Sunday? What would it have been like to witness Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey? I wonder what it felt like to be waiving a palm branch and asking if this Jesus of Nazareth could actually be the promised Messiah. Could he truly be the one the people of God have been waiting for? Is he the Christ of whom the prophets foretold? The one who will deliver the people of God once again from bondage, but this time it will be forever. 
It would have been an incredible moment of beginning to dare to hope the man on a donkey is the one you have been longing for. There are stories of Jesus healing women and men of many diseases, of raising folks from the dead, of casting out demons. Perhaps you even saw Jesus heal a person from afar? 
Today, we enter the story of Jesus on Palm Sunday already knowing the ending. Jesus is indeed the Christ! He is the one the world had been hoping for, and the salvation he brings is far better than anything anyone could have ever believed! Hosanna!

Chris Tuttle


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