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Jade Brown - School of Ministry

"I went into School of Ministry as a new believer wondering if I was even “Christian enough” to do it. I hadn’t even been a believer for a year and everyone else had grown up in church. Almost immediately that was something that we tackled. Kevin basically told us, “if you think that you’re too bad or not Christian enough to be here, you’re wrong and you need to trash that idea or you’re not going to get anything out of this.”

Through School of Ministry, I’ve learned so much about who God is and who I am to him. I think the most impactful thing for me was reversing the narratives I had about myself, the church, and Christianity in general. Learning about the Father heart of God and who we are to him, changed everything about how I saw myself.

I realized God was more than a creator and learned that he didn’t just create us to do his work, but he created us to be in relationship with him and to abide in his love. We do his work out of obedience and love and passion for him, but ultimately, he created us to enjoy him. That blew my mind. For the longest time I thought I was created to do just God's work on his earth, and that in itself is amazing, but it took so much pressure off to realize that he just wants me to love him and be in relationship with him and everything else flows from that."

-Jade Brown


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