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July 4th Exhortation From Jim Hall

From Jim Hall and the New Heights leadership on this July 4th weekend:

I am very thankful to be an American. I am thankful for the religious freedoms and the right of free speech and for many other wonderful things that I often take for granted.  Just the opportunity to collaborate as ordinary citizens to try to solve some of our nation’s problems is not available in many places that other people call home. I know that even these simple statements may be a little controversial during this 4th of July holiday in America.

I understand that there are a lot of very significant problems in our country right now and I also am aware of the polarization and divisiveness encompassing almost every topic of discussion.

Since I am first and foremost a Christ-follower, my God and His value system calls me to value many of the things that America stands for while working to improve her flaws. I will continue to try to do that in ways that I am called to by the One that I ultimately must answer to. I also help provide leadership to a few thousand people that call New Heights their church. I do not take that responsibility lightly.  As one of the leaders of New Heights I also recognize that I, along with the Elders and staff, will give an account someday to the God that called me to this task for how well I steward this responsibility.

My word for you this 4th of July weekend, if you are a member of New Heights is this: Please pray for your country, pray that all of our nation’s leaders would embrace more fully the values of the God who has sovereignly bestowed on them for a brief season the important task of leading a nation. Pray that God given reason and civility would again be something that is valued in our conversation and theirs as well. I pray that all of us would commit to not trying to “demonize” anyone that disagrees with us about something. I pray that we would all try to show each other some measure of grace in our conversations. I pray that every member of New Heights would commit to not posting anything on social media that doesn’t reflect the character and nature of Jesus.

I pray that the revivals that have swept over America many times in her brief 244 year history would once again roll over this land. I pray that the great national sins of abortion, racial injustice, pornography, sexual immorality, the worship of self, money, pleasure and fame, drug and alcohol addiction and violence and lawlessness would decrease and the love of God and the love of people would increase.

I pray for another Great Awakening that only God can bring.  But I know that God is sovereign and whether He brings revival or judgment, I for one will continue to do my best to serve Him and steward the influence He has given me to proclaim to everyone His salvation and His great love for all people. I invite you to join Him in working to bring His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Happy 4th of July weekend New Heights. God bless America. Please, we really, really need it right now.

For Jesus and the New Heights leadership,

- Jim Hall


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