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Katie Kirk On Grieving With Hope


"In January 2017, we lost our second son to miscarriage. We lost two children in the space of two years, and both losses happened about the fourth month of pregnancy. 

It felt like getting hit with an iron rod to the face. It was difficult not just because of the losses themselves but also the cumulation of suffering. We were waiting on the Lord and praying, but things were not necessarily getting better. It led me to a place of complete darkness where I felt like I had lost hope.

But the Holy Spirit started speaking to me. He nurtured me, and He showed me wrong expectations that I had. I started realizing that God is good. He wouldn't have led me to a place that is so low and so dark for nothing. He has a plan here. 

Jesus became the cornerstone that everything hinged on. Either I was going to remain forever in a place of sadness for the babies I had lost, or Jesus would open up the door to light and hope. Just sitting with the Lord brought me strength. I believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."


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