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Kelli Keller and Church on the Street

During Covid-19, Kelli Keller and her neighborhood have begun having church on their street. They invited the whole neighborhood to come and gather on Sunday mornings to connect and worship together.

“We meet twice a week. Once is a social neighborhood gathering on a weeknight and the other is on Sunday mornings to have church. It’s been great. We’ve had different people sharing each Sunday and some people doing music. I play piano, so I brought a digital keyboard down and played one Sunday.

One thing that has been amazing to me is that there have been many Sundays where it’s been forecast to rain and each time it went around us. On Easter Sunday, it was supposed to rain and it felt like the clouds parted around us so we could meet together.

Doing church on the street truly has been a lifeline for me. I live at home alone and it has helped me with isolation. I’ve gotten to reconnect with a lot of people that I’ve lost track of over the years. Some people that I used to teach piano or that used to run around with my kids, I’ve gotten to connect with again. One man that I knew as a kid, told me that this has been really important for him. He hadn’t had a sense of community before this and he’s really enjoying this neighborhood connection. I’m praying that this feeling of neighborhood and community can continue even when Coronavirus is over.”


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