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Kimberly Williams - Ozark Worship Night

"Being on the prayer team at Ozark Worship Night has provided a place for me to operate in my gifts with a team of people, instead of just doing it on my own. I’ve used my gifts by just praying for people I run into or that God highlights, but being a part of a team of people who function in the same way, has really encouraged me to grow. I needed that affirmation and a space to step out in faith with accountability. We need each other!

As much as I love flowing in my giftings and praying for people, the one thing, the most important to me, is worshipping my savior. When I go to Worship Night, I get so excited about just me and Jesus. Being able to worship him and lift him up in song, in music, or in dance is so exciting to me. When we’re in his manifest presence, it just happens that we’re going to flow in our giftings. If I had to put any order to anything, though, it would be that my heart loves him so much and I just want to worship him and shout praises to him.

I’m so thankful, my heart is so very thankful, that he’s saved me. One of my heart's desires is that I would never lose that first love feeling. I never want to get to a place where I don’t still see where I would be without him. I’m just so thankful that he didn’t let me stay where I was and that he revealed himself to me in a way that transformed my life. It just makes me want to worship him."

-Kimberly Williams


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