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"I never knew you"

– Jesus, Matthew 7:23

When I hear the words "depart from me" spoken by Jesus, I can feel a sense of anxiety and helplessness. After all, the people who He is saying it to have done extraordinary things. They speak God's voice through prophecy. They have power over demonic forces. They do mighty things that I only dream of doing. What hope is there for me?

But it may be that contained within these harrowing words of Jesus is the hope of life, a way to understand the very heart of God.  

A God who asks for obedience, also asks me to give Him my burdens so that I can have rest. He says, "Wait on me," and, "abide in me." He says, "Come, follow me." He says that He has adopted me as His son or
his daughter.

When is the last time I answered His longing to know me, letting go, looking up at Him, calling out...Abba!...Daddy! ...?


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