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Land Update

New Heights is partnering with Endeavor NWA, Potter's House, Cobblestone Farms, and Strategic Realty to build affordable housing on our land in West Fayetteville. The plan is to develop a socioeconomically-diverse neighborhood, create jobs through Potter's House operations on the property, and provide both jobs and food through the farm. Here's an update on our progress.


Twelve years ago after a whole series of supernatural confirmations, New Heights received an anonymous gift of $1.2 million dollars to purchase 40 acres of land on Wedington. Later we paid a small sum of money and bought 5 more acres contiguous to the 40 acres.

Then we used the land as collateral to borrow money to build on to the Boys and Girls Club and we also allowed another non-profit, Cobblestone to farm 10 acres of it.

About a year ago New Heights began collaborating with Potter’s House, the Endeavor Foundation and Strategic Realty to explore the possibility of building affordable rental housing on a portion of the land as well as building a processing center for Potter’s House and upgrading Cobblestone Farm.

In order to do that the land had to be de-annexed by the county, annexed by the city and rezoned by the city in record time to apply for the $10-$11 million dollars in Federal Funds we needed to build the homes.

In February of this year the land was annexed by the city and rezoned and an application was made for possible funding. The funding process is very complex and very competitive. Last week it was announced that we have been awarded $10.5 million dollars in tax credits and a $450,000 grant to do the project. That is really good news.

In addition New Heights is working with Cobblestone Farms to completely restructure the Farm under the supervision of Kelton Hays a New Heights member.

All of this is a huge answer to prayer and confirmation that God is blessing our efforts to love people tangibly in a very significant way. Please join with us in celebrating this blessing and pray that somewhere along the way in the next 2 years that we are able to build a multi-use chapel on the land as well.

Thank you for your support of New Heights. We thought you could use some good news right now. I know I am still celebrating this and will be for a while.
God bless you all.

~ Jim Hall, Co-Directional Leader

Jim Hall


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