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Loneliness & Rest

"I’m learning to trust that the Lord will provide in His time."

This summer was the first summer in college that I’d spent here in Fayetteville and many of my friends were out of town. It was a time of loneliness but also rest for me. During this time I developed a habit of spending more time with the Lord. It started out with me “having to” as I wanted to develop the habit. Then it shifted to “getting to” as I began to enjoy it and flourish in it. 

As the summer ends and my friends start coming back for the school year, I want to continue the habit of reliance on the Lord that was developed. I want my relationships to flow out of my love for Him rather than depend on the friendships around me. 

This season in general holds many unknowns. It’s senior year and I don’t know where I am going to end up after I graduate. I'm asking questions like, ‘What does it look like to be called to something? What am I passionate about? What do I believe personally vs. what I’ve been spoon fed?’ There are so many things I’m unsure about. I’m learning to trust that the Lord will provide in His time. But this doesn’t always mean that it's on my timeline.

Courtney Poos


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