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The Longest Night

You've been faithful. You've been close to God. He has been working through you in wondrous ways.  So how did you find yourself here, being lowered into this pit of lions? Your eyes are not yet adjusted to the dark, but you can hear rumbles, growls, and vague sounds of movement in the dark. The massive stone that covers the entrance hole is sealed above you, and the light all but disappears.  Any second now, merciless teeth will sink into your neck, claws will tear your chest as animals fight over your body.

But they don't attack you right away. Your eyes start to adjust until you  see the shadowy outlines of the hungry animals as they pace in and out of fading beams of light. You hear the sniffing of their noses as they take in your scent. Any moment now.  

How did Daniel pass those sleepless hours, sitting among the lions, when every moment held the threat of death? Did he realize, there in the in-between, in the longest night of his life, that God was holding him, shutting the gaping mouths, keeping him safe until morning?


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