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Madelyn Smith on Prayer

We talked to Madelyn Smith, a participant and leader in our 24/7 prayer initiative. She had some incredibly encouraging things to say. Hear from her and join us in prayer! To sign up for 24/7 prayer, go here. 

Why are you part of 24 hour prayer?

I felt the weight of how much the world is so desperate for God and wanted to join in prayer for God to move in this time. Scripture also says the Church is a house of prayer - so let’s do it!

What things do you see happening around you that need prayer?

Really, everything around me needs prayer, but specifically, for spiritual awakening and revival through the Coronavirus and for God to meet the needs of the nation - spiritual, physical, emotional, financial. Just like in 2 Chronicles, we're praying, "we don't know what to do, but our eyes are on you."

Have you had a significant God moment during one of your prayer times?

My favorite God moment has been simply experiencing Him show up and speak different things to me every time I pray. Each hour, He puts new topics and scripture on my heart. This gets me so excited to be in His presence because I never know what He will say next, but I enter in anticipation! .

How has being a part of this prayer movement affected your life?

It has taught me how powerful prayer is and how much God delights in spending time with His children. I have already seen prayers be answered, which is such a sweet gift. Each time I spend an hour in prayer I feel the tangible peace and presence of God throughout my day. I’ve also started praying way more throughout the day!

What would you like to see happen in God’s people through this prayer movement.

I would love to see God’s people love to spend time with their Heavenly Father and believe He hears their cries. He isn’t distant or too busy for us. He is near and deeply cares for His people. Getting in His presence changes our lives! When we believe this, our prayers start to look different. They have a heavenly authority that is God-given and will change nations and stop viruses!



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