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Mary Moments Part 1: Chose The Good Part

Mary Moments Part 1: Chose The Good Part

The house is buzzing. Guests are everywhere. The Teacher is here and he needs to be hosted well. Will we have enough food? Is everything prepared for the meal? How does the house look? Is he comfortable? Are his disciples comfortable? Have I offered everyone drinks?

Looking over, Mary is just sitting there. Completely enraptured, starstruck, by this Teacher. She is distracted from hosting. She has stopped in the middle of welcoming people to listen (just for a minute, she told herself) to this man, Jesus. Minutes turn to hours.  She is aware her sister is angry with her but she can’t stop listening.  She’s never heard teaching like this - so intensely true and so full of gentleness. 

His demeanor is disarming and she’s captivated. She feels as if her deepest self is known and yet he’s not disappointed. For the first time, she feels value - as if this is how she should have felt her whole life. 

Why would I be doing the dishes with Martha when my life is being changed as I sit here at his feet?.

Don’t give up Mary moments - sit in them for as long as you can. 
In the spring of 2020, choose the good part - he will meet you there. 


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