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Mary Moments Pt. 2

Mary Moments • Part 2 - Choose to believe you are enjoyed and delighted in.

A lover will out work a worker 100% of the time.

The first and greatest commandment - to love God with the fullness of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. How often do we push this commandment to the wayside in the effort to work or labor for God? If we can do enough for him, he’ll be happy. If we can win enough souls, he’ll be satisfied with us. If we can spin enough plates, he’ll smile at us.

What if we understood that he’s been smiling on us the whole time? How would it change our posture before him if we understood that he delighted in us since the day we were born? He actually enjoys us for just being us - for being the people he created. The pressure is off - be loved. Allow yourself to be loved by him. To understand that we are loved and delighted in without doing anything can change everything about our lives.

The goal of our lives is to love him back with the same tenacity of love. We can only do this if we understand the way he loves us.

Today, ask God what he enjoys about you. Allow this moment to spur on intimacy with him in your life.


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