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Mary Moments Pt. 3

As we spend our time, like Mary, gazing on Jesus and sitting at his feet, his actions, passions, and values will naturally overflow from our lives. Our desire to obey and act like Jesus comes out of relationship with him. Communion with him produces righteousness. How easy it is to put the cart before the horse and try to produce righteous acts without connecting to the source of our righteousness.

He doesn’t want us to connect with him just so we can be righteous or have an effective ministry, communion with him is the end. It is not the means to an end. Our primary goal is communion, and Christlikeness naturally comes out of that connection.

The difference is in “being” and “doing”. We must trust that the “doing” will get done as we shift our focus onto “being” the Beloved of God. Being the Beloved of God and investing into connection with him will always lend itself to “doing”. It just isn’t the focus. It isn’t weighing us down and demanding we produce righteousness and good deeds.

It’s a light yoke and an easy burden.

From the garden, to the cross, to the New Jerusalem, the end is communion.
Take time to shift your perspective and commune with him today.


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