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Mary Moments - Sharry Roetzel

Sharry Roetzel shared with us about her time spent in God's presence as she listened to an Ozark Worship Night event a few weeks ago. We love to hear and share “Mary Moments”!

“I didn’t remember about the Ozark Worship Night online event until I was crawling into bed. I decided I’d make it like a “treat,” something different than normal routine, to look forward to first thing in the morning. I made breakfast as I started the video, and I quickly felt a strong desire to open my journal Bible and highlight the scripture that was being quoted. I honestly had no idea time was passing so quickly. I was watching the video, praising God, singing, praying short prayers throughout, taking notes, highlighting scripture, making correlated scripture references next to those verses, and googling to find other scriptures that came to mind as I watched. Before I knew it, five hours had gone by. It was a "Mary" day - sitting with His word and unpacking all the good things from the worship time. It was so enjoyable and went by fast to me.

I believe it’s so important to take the time to sit at Jesus’ feet because He wants each of us to know His voice so well that we can hear Him whisper our name in the midst of our sorrows. He wants us to draw so close to Him we can hear and feel His presence. We learn the sound of his voice and learn to know what His presence feels like only when we choose to by spending time with Him. He created us to need this relationship. This time with the Father is where you draw the water that will keep you going.”


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