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Mongolia Needs This

We were the first generation of Christians in Mongolia and many of our parents didn’t understand why we decided to follow this religion.  They saw Christianity as an American religion and wondered why we wanted to be Christians. They saw us as traitors to our Mongolian culture, as if we weren’t Mongolian anymore. 

The majority of the persecution came from our families.  In Mongolia, we have strong family ties and by turning to Christianity, it was as if we were betraying our family.  My uncle actually hit me and told me to leave the family.   

During this time, the missionaries in Mongolia encouraged us and showed us scripture from the Bible that says, “you are blessed if you are persecuted.”  It really encouraged us that the persecution we were facing was not a bad thing.  Persecution helps us to be strong in the Lord. When you are persecuted, you are closer to God. You become more dependent as you learn to trust in Him.

Now, in Mongolia, the church is thriving. It is about 20 years past the time of persecution and people are starting to understand that it is not an American religion. The uncle that hit me years ago is now really open to the gospel. He sees that Christianity is not bad and says that Mongolia needs Christianity. 

Beyraa, mongolian church planter & her son Isaac


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