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Night of Worship: Abdul

"It's always a surprise"

Night of Worship takes place on a Saturday evening, when I usually want to watch a movie or hang out with friends and chill. But worshipping is always refreshing. The last Night of Worship that took place happened right at the end of the semester. That night, I was carrying a lot of burdens on me that I didn't need to be carrying. I was feeling low on confidence and inadequate in so many ways.  As I prayed for others and took part in the worship, I realized that those burdens were taken off of me. That night I felt a transformation. I felt like I was made aware of the lighter spirit that was my true identity. I felt a confidence that things were actually moving to a better place and that I was being healed from my burdens.

For me, Night of Worship is always a surprise. I always go anticipating the things that I have previously experienced, but instead I find each time that it takes place, it is so much better than the last time. When I am able to worship, open up my heart and let Jesus and His Word in, He tells me of my spiritual state and it builds confidence in His faithfulness.

Abdul Maiga


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