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Night of Worship: Dennis

"It's not a concert"

Night of worship is a time of experiencing God and being led by His Spirit. I believe that in His presence is healing. Not just physical healing, but emotional and spiritual healing as well. This is why we started having prayer stations for different types of healing.

I am on a team of facilitators for Night of Worship. We are in the audience as recipients, but we also are seeking out in prayer how the Spirit is leading. As we are praying, we are also in communication with the worship team. The team is then able to change up the song selection or give verbal encouragement from the stage in real- time as the Spirit leads.

Trying to create an event that is led by the Spirit reminds me of the apostle Peter stepping out of the boat when Jesus asked him to walk on water: it involves a lot of risk. And in that story, as long as Peter kept his eye on Jesus, he was fine. Night of Worship is about trying to learn what it means to be in the presence of the Lord.

Dennis Petersen


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