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A Plan to Build Affordable Housing

New Heights is partnering with Endeavor NWA, Potter's House, Cobblestone Farms, and Strategic Realty to build affordable housing on our land in West Fayetteville. The plan is to develop a socioeconomically-diverse neighborhood, create jobs through Potter's House operations on the property, and provide both jobs and food through the farm. Here's an update on our progress.

The Christian witness is complex. On one hand, our witness is to be bold, proclaiming the Kingdom of God in a way that inevitably draws attention to ourselves. On the other hand, the heart of our proclamation is self-effacing love - to point the spotlight toward God and others. However, in this moment, we want to be clear. As witnesses to Jesus here in America, we understand that “money talks”, and this is our way of loudly proclaiming with our money the same message Jesus did when he walked this earth.

We see and love the economically disadvantaged, particularly communities of color. We see how racial disparities inevitably become economic disparities. New Heights sees the lives of those who are so often invisible and, according to the world, are “meaningless”. This project is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ whose message of abundant grace and love was bought and paid for with divine blood, freeing us to love and serve everyone. Lord Jesus, may your kingdom come, may your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Join us in praising God for how he has directed and provided for this project! Also, pray with us that he would use this land to bless our community in many ways.




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