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Rachel Dennis - Global

“When people think of missions, Europe is rarely the first thing that comes to mind since we are surprisingly lacking in grass huts and rainforest tribes. For many, Europe is more likely their dream vacation destination or simply a part of the world that is ‘already covered’ by the Gospel. The reality, though, is a far cry from most preconceived ideas. For many of our teams serving in Europe (58 teams serving in 23 countries), they face an uphill battle in trying to recruit people to consider their team instead of somewhere in ‘harder parts of the world’. Even within our own organization, which recruits people from all over the world to be sent all over the world, Europe is not necessarily the first place on their radar.

Paris, as you can imagine, is a beautiful city to walk in, with stunning architecture and ancient monuments everywhere. But it is also a city full of brokenness and, when you look for it, you find evidence all over of a city with only an estimated 2% of the population following Christ. Living here day in and day out it can be easy to overlook both the beauty and the brokenness. 

Pray with us for:

  • The large refugee population (most of them being men) to be reached with the Gospel.
  • The Lord to raise up more men to serve here! We recognize the need for Christian men to connect with these male populations, unafraid to love them where they are at, as Christ does. 
  • Those who are enslaved by drugs, alcohol, or other addictions. We ask the Lord to bring healing and freedom to the captives. We pray that these people not only be freed of these chains, but that they find ultimate freedom in Christ.” 


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