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For The Sake of the Gospel

There are so many things they are willing to do for the sake of the Gospel.

Hearing the sacrificial stories of our global workers makes me want to do whatever I can to support them.  When my husband and I moved here from New York, we took a Perspectives class. In that class, we met and heard from many global workers. They bring their children to places where there is disease and medical resources are very limited. Some of them thrive with very primitive resources, such as a solar powered stove. They are translating God’s word into very difficult languages. God is so preeminent in their lives that there are so many things they are willing to do for the sake of the Gospel.

At my age, I am not going to go overseas and do the work that these workers do, but I know they need a team that sends and supports them here. Every Thursday at 11:30, I meet with a group at the Fayetteville Prayer Room to pray for the work. I go to the Tuesday Global meeting  (GO Center at 2pm) to hear stories about what God is doing. We give what we can financially to the work. My Community Group has “adopted” two global workers to care for them and pray with them. I'm deeply grateful for these people and that we have the opportunity to support them.

Eileen Parnell


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