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Serving In Children's Ministry

"My favorite thing about serving kids is 
seeing them grow from one season to the next"

"Being there consistently from week to week has been so cool; because I have seen how kids are longing to hear the stories of Jesus. "They'll say: 'We learned about Jesus getting raised from the dead last week, so we can't wait to see what is going to happen next!'  That childlike passion is so cool for me to see because it makes me want to love Jesus more. "

"I have grown to love serving in Children's Ministry so much. The investment of the people that served me when I was a kid has impacted me. Jesus calls us to make disciples. Because of what Jesus did in somebody else's life, those people inspired me, and now I can be a part of continuing that positive spiritual impact in the life of the kids I serve here. That is why I love serving."

Frankye Koonst


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