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Serving Our Medical Workers

As the Coronavirus crisis began, New Heights put together a team of people who were willing to volunteer and give in various ways to help those at risk or in need. We’ve served in food pantries, delivered food and goods to people, and things like that. 

I’ve heard of people in other places serving their healthcare workers, so I wanted to see how we could bless our own community here in Fayetteville at Washington Regional Medical Center. I put in calls to Lane Barber & Mary Mickler, who are both New Heights members and healthcare professionals at WRMC and work in the ICU and COVID-19 units. They connected me with the director over those areas, and she said they could use snacks for their day and night shifts.

We sent out a request to our team to donate pre-packaged snacks and to drop them off at the church offices by 1pm Tuesday. It was so fun to go to my office and see it filled with boxes and bags!

I loaded up my vehicle and delivered everything to WRMC. Three staff from the ICU/COVID-19 team came down to meet me and they were overwhelmed by the generosity. I asked them how I could pray for them, and they said for strength & safety of all the staff at WRMC, and ultimately for healing for the patients they serve. I said a short prayer as they were loading the snacks, and I also gave them a “praying for you” greeting card from New Heights Church with a short note letting them know we are praying for them.

About an hour after I delivered the snacks, they sent the group picture of their staff holding the snacks. Truly a body of Christ effort. To God be the Glory.

Dawn Stanford


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