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Tangible Love - Food Pantry

When Coronavirus began, a New Heights elementary school teacher began to worry about her students’ basic needs being met. She knew that some of her students would be hungry despite the food pantries in the district providing opportunities for meal pick ups. Families who are unable to get to a food pantry because of work or transportation cannot access these meals or food boxes.

She spoke with other teachers and found they all had similar concerns. They were able to access St. James food pantry and deliver pantry boxes to a handful of families. The following week, after connecting with a few more teachers, and because of the generosity of St. James church, they delivered boxes to 17 families. Then, God did what he does best and he extended their reach further than they had anticipated. He took the little that they had to offer and multiplied it.

Genesis Church opened their food pantry to them, allowing them to make a box of supplemental food and hygiene items for each family. They also offered hot lunches twice per week if they could find people to help them deliver the meals. This teacher contacted New Heights staff to help connect with other members who could deliver the meals.

Now, after 14 weeks out of school, 77 children, representing 27 families, are receiving a pantry box and 2 hot meals per week. That's over 300 boxes, 30 people helping deliver, and 3 churches working together in unity to meet the needs of the community. For some families, this is the first glance of the body of Christ in action. What an amazing example of someone doing a small right thing with the little resources they had and Jesus showing up to multiply it and feed many people.


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