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The Task Force

The Task Force is a team of New Heights intercessors and elders that gather to pray with families and individuals about specific situations such as: physical healing, financial distress, strongholds of anxiety and depression, spiritual warfare, new beginnings, marriage struggles, children’s nightmares and more. We gather in your home, at church between services or at the prayer room to listen, worship, anoint with oil, pray and (if in your home) prayer-walk the space.

Through the Task Force, God has encouraged hearts, revealed strongholds to break and shown next steps. Often, He has given meaningful insight to a prayer team member and prepared the way for deeper healing. God has spoken directly to the hearts of those being prayed for and brought comfort and joy and clarity. The work of the Task Force is not always an endpoint, but often a starting point in people’s stories. God continues to use it for His good work and for His glory.

To learn more about the Task Force, contact Heather Paige Hunt. Heatherpaigehunt [at]


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