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Truth On Our Hands

Sign language communicates the language of love and truth in a way that is outwardly vulnerable and powerful. When we sign, we put love on our hands outwardly. We worship expressively. We put people's names on our hands when we pray for people or speak about them. We put our vulnerable moments out there visibly. We celebrate the fact that God knows sign language.

God knows sign language.

Sign language also creates a natural barrier to connection and sometimes leads to misunderstanding and even oppression. Sometimes it is hard for my Deaf friends to be understood.  Sometimes it is hard for them to get a job. In the midst of this, I have seen my Deaf friends live with so much mercy and joy and love. I am blown away by how capable they are even with the language barriers they have with people who don't sign.

People who see us signing at New Heights always say, 'Sign language is so beautiful and expressive!'. I agree! ...You should learn it!  But even if you do not know it, come connect and talk with us and I can translate. Despite the language barrier, we want to connect with the New Heights body!

Lauren Beirise


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